re:form offers Vinyasa classes + private YOGA training for all levels. Vinyasa yoga has a very expansive definition in the yoga world. However, the Sanskrit word “Vinyasa” simply means, “breath-synchronized movement”. During a Vinyasa yoga class the teacher instructs the students to move from pose-to-pose on an inhale or an exhale. This is also sometimes referred to as Vinyasa Flow. The concept of Vinyasa yoga is to move, or flow, from posture-to-posture (asana-to-asana) so that the poses run together in an interconnected and cohesive way.

Because of the expansive definition for Vinyasa yoga, there is ample room for creativity and diversity. There are no set posture sequences that each teacher must follow. Therefore, individual personalities and creative expressions can shine through. For that reason, it is important that a student finds a teacher they resonate with.
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YOGA Classes

re:frame | vinyasa flow yoga

re:frame | vinyasa flow

re:frame /ri:ˈfreim/ vb. to form again or remake that which supports a structure, as by fitting + uniting parts together in sequence

In this class you move through a flowing sequence of postures combined with the breath to create heat, strength, balance, flexibility + endurance in a traditional vinyasa flow fashion. You experience a strong focus on alignment of postures while being offered challenges for all levels; as well as, modifications + adjustments for postures that may be too difficult for some students.

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re:set | slow flow yoga

re:set | slow flow

re:set /rē-ˈset/ vb. to set again : such as to move (something) back to an original place or position : to put back in the correct position for it's use

In this class experience a less strenuous hour long practice consisting of basic postures, put together in a conscious, deliberate and secure flow coinciding with the breath. re:set is ideal for anyone who enjoys a more gentle, slower-paced class. This class is suitable for students simply looking for a more "tranquil" practice, beginners, seniors, women who are pregnant and practitioners recovering from injury. The asanas are broken down using thorough instruction, props, contraindications for each pose, proper alignment tips + substantial modifications.

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re:store | restorative flow yoga

re:store | restorative flow

re:store /rəˈstôr/ vb. to bring back to a state of health, soundness, or vigor : to return to an original or former condition

Restorative YOGA has best been described as "active relaxation". It is a method for attaining deep relaxation, tranquility + the many benefits of "de-stressing". Using blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps to support the body, practitioners generally experience profound shifts in their nervous system, thus allowing a physiological shift to deep restfulness + calmness of the body and mind. Gravity does the "work" as the body progressively relaxes + softens. Alleviate the symptoms of stress, such as depressed or elevated moods, hypertension, muscle tension, digestive problems, high cholesterol levels, eyestrain, headaches + more.

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re:veal | gentle flow yoga

re:veal | gentle flow

re:veal /ri-veel/ vb. to uncover as if by drawing away a veil : to unveil : to make known what has been concealed by way of inspired revelations of truth beyond the range of ordinary human vision or reason

In this class discover/unveil an intimate relationship with your breath that gives you access to a better control of your life through a deeper understanding of your physical, mental and spiritual self. Through the asana, use the breath to initiate movement, thereby linking attention to your spine + central core; and to support the function of the nervous system through axial extension or lengthening of the spine, which gives way to increased physical comfort and overall mobility.

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