The Sanskrit word vinyasa simply means, breath-synchronized movement. During vinyasa YOGA students move flowingly from posture-to-posture, inhaling and exhaling as the poses run together in synchronized and interconnected unity. Sometimes referred to as vinyasa flow, the movements flow from posture-to-posture (asana-to-asana) in creatively designed sequences that are time-honored, restorative and challenging.

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re:frame | vinyasa flow

re:frame /rē-ˈfreim/ vb. to form again or remake

Move through a flowing sequence of postures combined with breathing to generate heat, creating strength, balance, flexibility + endurance. You experience a strong and informative focus on alignment and postural accuracy. Our vinyasa flow offers challenges for our advanced students with posture modifications + adjustments for our more newly enlightened students.


re:set | slow flow

re:set /rē-ˈset/ vb. to set again : such as to move back to an origin

Experience something of a less strenuous practice. Slow flow is a gentle sequence of basic postures and breathing patterns that are lovingly curated for a tranquil yoga experience. re:set is ideal for anyone who enjoys a more gentle, slower-paced class. Suitable for beginners, seniors, women who are pregnant and practitioners recovering from injury, re:set is designed to inform any transformational journey.


re:store | restorative flow

re:store /rē-ˈstôr/ vb. to bring back to a state of health

Think active relaxation. Restorative yoga is a de-stressing method of attaining deep relaxation and tranquility. Using blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps to support the body, practitioners generally experience profound shifts in their nervous system, thus allowing a physiological shift to deep restfulness and calmness of body and mind.

This class is candlelit seasonally.


re:veal | gentle flow

re:veal /rē-ˈvēl/ vb. to uncover as if by drawing away a veil

Reveal an intimate relationship with your breathing that gives you access to a better control of your life through a deeper understanding of your physical, mental and spiritual self. Through the asana, use the breath to initiate spine lengthening movement, giving way to increased physical comfort and overall mobility.