Workshops + Events

inversions | aaron + brooke

re:frame | inversion + hand balance

Thursday, April 26th : 6pm - 7:15pm
w/ Aaron Klein and Brooke Welty

Join us for a special class. First we'll flow and then work into multiple inversions and hand balances using principles of strength and alignment. This will be accessible for all.

Come get upside down with us and gain tools to help you with your personal inversion practice.

Have a request for an inversion? Next time you're at re:form and drop it in the glass jar on the coffee table.

About Aaron : Learn more

About Brooke : Learn more

yin yoga + harp music | kyle + heather

yin yoga + harp music

Friday, April 27th : 7pm - 8pm
w/ Kyle Cassidy and Heather MageeHill

Join us for our first live harp class. Kyle Cassidy guides you through a relaxing restorative style class while Heather MageeHill strums her harp.

About Kyle : Kyle has been practicing yoga for three years now. He trained at the Yoga Loft in little Italy (San Diego) to become a RYT 200 yoga instructor. His training focused on the 8 Limbs path and the balance between meditation and asana practice. He loves people from all walks of life, hearing their stories and sharing his own. Kyle believes that we are part of a collective consciousness, which through yoga, we build and strengthen, allowing ourselves to live more heart forward.

Tension, to Kyle, is who you think you should be, where as relaxation, is who you are. Love and light, Kyle looks forward to meeting each of you!