Sarah Holder

Sarah Holder

Studio Owner | RYT 200 | AFAA Certified Personal Trainer | GRAVITY Personal Training | GRAVITY Group | GRAVITY Pilates Reformat | TRX Suspension Training | Fly Gym Aerial Fitness Certified | BA

I have been in the wellness industry since I was 18 years old and am so thankful to have figured out my passion at such a young age. I have had the opportunity to assist in changing the quality of life for so many of my clients and it is one of my greatest joys. I studied Human Development with an emphasis in counseling throughout college and continued personal training after I graduated. After working for a handful of big-box gyms and fitness studios, I gathered all of the things I love and put them into my own studio: re:form FITNESS.

I am passionate about helping my clients lose weight, developing a more toned figure, improving posture and minimizing/eliminating pain and overall encouraging them towards a better quality of life. I have been training my clients on the Gravity Training System for years and have seen their body fat decrease drastically. I worked with a client that went from hardly being able to walk up a flight of stairs to running and finishing the Las Vegas Marathon.

Six years after opening re:form FITNESS, I felt that there was an element missing. This is when I started practicing yoga and have continued to date. I found that the combination of both YOGA + FITNESS is the key to success! With our fast-paced society and with the postural problems caused by sitting/driving, using computers and phones, it is essential to strengthen and stretch specific muscles to be able to continue doing the things we love without pain or fatigue. YOGA also helps with the emotional aspect of weight management and mental health, which I found is just as important as "getting in cardio". When clients and students combine the mental and physical practices that re:form YOGA + FITNESS offers, they see an increase in their muscle tone, core strength, and flexibility. I believe that with proper training, nutritional coaching and dedication, anyone can reach their fitness goals.

I would sincerely love the opportunity to re:form your body.

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