Shelie Herman

Shelie Herman

E-RYT 200 | Yoga Sculpt Certified

Shelie walked into her first Bikram Yoga class about 20 years ago in San Francisco. She immediately fell in love with the strong sense of discipline that was required to not only get through a class, but that was expected of you. She continued to add yoga to her fitness routine which at that time consisted of training for marathons and races. Shelie has ALWAYS had an intense passion for fitness and anything that challenges her mind and body. This led her to take the vigorous 9 week Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles in 2003. She began teaching Bikram all over San Diego, and taught through two pregnancies. She taught Bikram Yoga for 7 years. Within that time she took her first Barre class. Shelie began incorporating barre into her fitness regime, which led her to owning her own Barre studio and teaching barre for 6 years.

With two kids growing up and following in her footsteps of playing competitive sports, and her family needing more of her time, she sold her barre studio 5 years after opening it but continued to teach barre and yoga. She eventually received her 200 E-RYT and 50 hour Yoga Sculpt certification through Corepower Yoga in 2016.

Shelie is extremely passionate about Yoga Sculpt. It allows her to use her creativity when building a sequence. The intensity in Yoga Sculpt challenges her physically and mentally.

Look to see fluidity in her classes making them feel almost like a dance. Her classes challenge you both inside and out. She has a passion for alignment helping to keep your body safe while strengthening every muscle in your body. Her belief is form is paramount to results because without it, work is not maximized.

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