olivia penton


RYT 200 | Yoga Sculpt Certified

Olivia began the practice of yoga at the age of 8 by her ballet instructor's wife, Kate Orlando in New York.

By ten years old, Olivia had studied, practiced and memorized The Nine Lines of Movement. The Nine Lines of Movement are derived from research conducted by Dr. Lulu Sweigard. Over the course of her research, Dr. Swiegard was able to discover nine areas of the skeletal structure which when correctly placed directly influence the positioning of the skeletal structure as a whole. According to Dr. Sweigard, the location and direction of each of these lines of energy is a ‘line of movement’ between skeletal parts, each beginning and ending in bone.

The practice of yoga in those earlier years was a fascinating experience of body awareness. As a teenager, Olivia came away from yoga and eventually ballet all together.

A new perspective of the practice came about at the age of 20 when she began Bikram in a small independent studio on Long Island. Olivia quickly fell in love once again with yoga in a whole new form.

An opportunity to travel came up very soon after Olivia met and married her husband Ryan from the UK in 2009.

Moving from New York to San Diego was an uncomfortable transition and the appearance of yoga on the west coast kept Olivia away from a studio until 2013, the year after her first son was born. From then on however, she is consistently upon her mat determined to learn something new each time or shift a perspective within herself.

Olivia now loves guiding students through a practice of passion in a space of lightheartedness and subtle humor.