Heather Nation

Heather Nation

Session Singer | Musician

"I've been singing since I was a little girl. We are all born with a purpose, and to have been blessed with knowing what my purpose is has been a gift, even if I haven't always known it. I have pursued a career as a performing singer/songwriter for eight years on and off. During the off time, I knew I needed it back. Whether I knew it as a fact, or as a lingering feeling, music has always called to me.

In the springtime last year, I decided that I had the songs needed to make a collection worthy enough, and cohesive enough to create my first full length album. It meant so much to me to have cultivated over time a truly meant to be body of art. I knew in order to create an album of songs so important to me that I had to do it the right way, had to have all the right people, places, and products. From there we went on to create one of my most favorite bodies of work. I feel that my debut album SIRENS will be a perfect definition of what I was born into this planet to do."

"Unafraid to put her voice profoundly at the fore and to let the beauty of each melodic moment linger, she stirs and soars in wordless interludes and haunted verses. A patient songwriter capable of great dynamic range, profound of talent, and poetically forcible, the truth has its day in every cut of Heather's catalogue." - Nicholas England

To learn more about Heather, visit her website.
  • LOVED Heather Nation... Especially enjoyed her voice during savasana.
    Jim S.
  • Heather's voice is full of soul and spirit. Her music filled up your space with the highest vibrations and took the experience of breathing and moving to such glorious soul-filled energetic level! As an artist, I truly value his kind of collaboration!
    Emily M.
  • Loved loved loved the live music!! It brings a new level of energy to the class!
    Lisa M.
  • I loved when you guys had Heather Nation!!! Her music was so peaceful, and calm! I feel very relaxed when she plays her music.
    Desiree R.