The lights are low, the music is up—you can take a mental break and escape into intelligent movements that are designed to build the body, while benefitting the mind. All FITNESS classes are semi-private, which allows our trainers to keep a watchful eye ensuring that you are being challenged at a safe and appropriate level. These sessions are as fun as they are challenging incorporating a wide variety of fitness tools and advanced techniques to get you sweating and seeing results.


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semi-private fitness classes

re:align | core + upper body
re:align | core + lower body

re:align /rē-ə-ˈlīn/ vb. to change or restore

Cable resistance uses controlled muscular contraction to build strength and endurance while developing the critically supportive skeletal muscles. Cable resistance + core training offers on-the-fly customization for all levels. Classes alternate to focus on core + upper body or core + lower body. Strengthen and tone while you re:align your body into true form.


re:circuit | resistance training

re:circuit /rē-sər-kət/ vb. action in creating a path of motions repeated in varied intensity

Move through an intelligently designed circuit of exercises designed to hit every muscle. Sessions incorporate cardiovascular intervals and resistance training movements using a changing variety of equipment from the GRAVITY Training System, to free weights, medicine balls, resistance bands, ropes, kettle bells, etc. Think of it as small-group personal training, where your trainer knows your level and can adjust to ensure you are getting the safest, most challenging workout possible!


re:fine | gravity resistance | small group

re:fine /rē-ˈfīn/ vb. to remove impurities and sharpen body, mind and spirit

Join a five person group that is more like personal training than a group class. The teacher guides you through an ever-changing, progressive and fluid series of body-weight movements on and off the GRAVITY Training System. With this small group the teacher has more time to spend with each student, tailoring the movements to the student's specific goals and/or working with an injury or area that needs a bit more special attention. The movements are trainer customized to optimize and ensure your workout is safe, effective and fun!



This is the perfect mix of YOGA + FITNESS wrapped into a single session. Stretch and use breath while mindfully building strength, endurance and form. Flow through yoga poses, with optional weights, to upbeat music as you are guided through a positive emotional journey. Cardio is a major element of this full body calorie-burning experience. You leave in a state of zen with your body feeling energized and ready for living happy!