All of our FITNESS classes are semi-private, which provides you an opportunity for hands on attention. You are challenged at your appropriate fitness level while offering the same benefits that you receive from spending hours in a gym. Space is limited to 9-12 clients per session, with most sessions 45 minutes.

Classes are kept small to ensure that you are safe, challenged and getting the most out of your workout. In under an hour your teacher leads you through the workout step-by-step. The lights are low, the music is up and the workout is all about you.

These semi-private training sessions are programmed using a variety of fitness tools to challenge your body in a functional environment centered around the GRAVITY Training System. Different session types may incorporate TRX suspension training, medicine balls, bosu balls, kettle bells, plyometric rebounders, rowing machines, etc.
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Semi-Private Classes

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re:fine | gravity resistance training

re:fine | verb | remove impurities or unwanted elements in something : to improve by making small changes : to improve or perfect by pruning or polishing : to free from what is coarse, vulgar, or uncouth : to become pure or perfected.

This 45 minute class takes you through an ever changing, progressive and fluid series of resistance training movements using the GRAVITY Training System. Each class is intelligently programmed to hit + tone every muscle in your body, while achieving a high caloric burn as you seamlessly transition from one movement to the next with little rest in-between.

This class provides an environment to equally challenge every participant fitness level + ability with 22 different levels of resistance to choose from + trainers who appropriately guide you according to your ability.

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Teachers : Ariel Montellano, Bridgette Schafer, Jade Butler, Sarah Holder
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re:circuit | resistance training

re:circuit | verb | action in creating a path done over, often with the implication that the outcome of the original action was in some way impermanent or inadequate.

This 45 minute class takes you through an intelligently designed circuit of exercises designed to hit every muscle in your body, leaving you feeling successful + appropriately challenged. Each session incorporates cardiovascular intervals + resistance training movements using a changing variety of equipment which may include the GRAVITY Training System, TRX, free weights, medicine balls, resistance bands, ropes, kettlebells, water rowers, etc.

This circuit format is absolutely suitable for every fitness level. Think of it as personal training in a small group where your trainer knows your ability as well as your limitations + is prepared to adjust in order to make sure you are getting the best workout possible.

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Teachers : Ariel Montellano, Sarah Holder, Tish Gehringer
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re:mix | core training

re:mix /ri:ˈmiks/ vb. to change or improve an existing form by separating and/or combining different elements, resulting in a new, yet familiar form.

This 45 minute class combines YOGA and core strength training. It improves posture, flexibility + overall muscle tone. The moderate pace and combined energetic music, gives you a great workout in a fun + upbeat environment.

Strengthen your core, alleviate back + neck pain, lengthen your hamstrings and tone your glutes arms + abs.

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Teachers : Claire Petretti Marti, Tish Gehringer