WHY re:form?

YOGA + FITNESS : We believe that the strength you gain from our FITNESS classes, coupled with the flexibility and mindfulness from our YOGA classes, give you the opportunity to achieve your best self. That's why portions of our schedule sequence a 45 minute FITNESS class followed by a 1 hour YOGA class.
Classes open to all levels : Our intention is to maintain a space where students feel comfortable + safe growing and advancing in their practice and reaching their fitness goals. We understand that practicing YOGA + FITNESS is as varied + distinct as each one of our students.
High-quality instructors : We take pride in our teacher's abilities to understand + distinguish the slight differences of each student's body; as a result, creating a safe, fun + challenging space.

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3225 Business Park Drive, Suite 4
Vista, CA 92081




open 7 days a week


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years of business

  • Everyone there (from front desk to management to teachers) are very friendly and welcoming. They make you feel like family. It makes me feel like I've made a good investment (the auto-monthly membership).
    Janey F.
  • Great instructors, good time slots, very nice ambience, convenient location, easy sign up & check in.
    Carlyn C.
  • Convenience, wonderful instructors, nice facilities, great staff.
    Tamara M.
  • Classes have been very enjoyable and the month trial has been perfect to see how it would all work if I were to sign up.
    Krista S.
  • It is such a great friendly environment with enthusiastic teachers who love what they do. They are very knowledgeable without being arrogant. Humble experts are hard to find.
    Lance Y.
  • Small boutique style, personal recognition, kind and considerate instructors.
    Hale R.
  • All of the love, acceptance, and no judgment.
    Jan B.
  • Personal attention, cleanliness, great instructors.
    Patty T.
  • The care and positive energy of the entire staff exudes to the clients. The style of yoga taught is a perfect balance of mindfulness and toning of the body.
    Pamela W
  • It's a lovely clean studio with friendly staff.
    Janice L.
  • The classes are fun! I've only been to two so far but both were different and challenging. Great for beginners like me. Love it.
    Ali M.
  • The instructors are wonderful and inspiring, both physically and spiritually. The facilities are clean, hip, and unobtrusive to the practice.
    Sherry C.
  • Excellent yoga instructors, very nice front desk staff, easy to schedule via the website/app. Overall, great!
    Carlyn C.
  • Instructors are very helpful. I love the stress free atmosphere and always feel better when I leave than when I arrived.
    Brenda G.
  • I like that it is a very family feeling studio and they make accommodations for their clients.
    Sondra G.
  • Comfortable surroundings and great instructors. I always walk away feeling very fulfilled and happy with the class - and a great stretch and workout!
    Peggy T.
  • Amazing teachers, great facility, dedicated community, outstanding schedule and variety of classes and workshops... Truly a gem!
    Eugene S.
  • Professional and knowledgeable instructors, limited class size and "Zen" environment at studio.
    Lizzie F.
  • Smaller class atmosphere lends to a very one on one feel with the instructor. Classes are very challenging! I feel like I am working a new muscle every time I come. I love re:form!
    Stacy B.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Comfortable environment.
    Leila S.
  • Nice classes, instructors are kind and helpful
    Craig R.
  • It's a welcoming clean wonderful yoga studio with nice genuine members, instructors, and staff. The yoga was paced so all levels were comfortable or challenged or could practice at their desired level in a class.
    Alice W.
  • The care and positive energy the entire staff exudes to the clients. The style of yoga taught is a perfect balance of mindfulness and toning of the body.
    Pamela W.
  • I like the personal care that the instructors give, the close family-like atmosphere, and the motivation I feel every time I am there.
    Mary H.
  • Instructors are amazing. Studio is lovely.
    Amy K.
  • re:form YOGA is friendly yoga studio with a peaceful atmosphere. The classes are simple yet inclusive of all yoga components with smooth sequences and for all levels. The teachers are knowledgeable and down to earth. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wishes to start a yoga practice. It's a transformative experience.
    Liliana A.
  • Administratively, I like the ease of class registration and the efficiency of the front desk staff. Everyone is welcoming and friendly. Instructionally, re:form has attracted an exceptional team of instructors.
    Jan J.
  • Personalized and intimate atmosphere.
    Lynn S.
  • I enjoy the variety of both teachers and styles of teaching. I really appreciate that an instructor knows when someone has an injury that requires a different level of pose in class, calling out that variation so that you can keep up with class. re:form is always striving to improve, I appreciate that, and is always ready to hear both compliments and recommendations. Thanks for being so responsive to your client's needs.
    Lynne A.
  • Great instructors and top notch classes!
    Stephanie R.
  • LOTS of evening (6:00pm or later)and weekend classes to choose from for folks who work long hours. Knowledgeable, approachable teachers who don't take themselves too seriously and make class fun. Non-intimidating environment. Large, clean studio to practice.
    Kristen C.
  • Warm and friendly environment as soon as you walk in the door... Teachers are supportive and approachable and seem to truly care.
    Kathleen D.
  • I love the passion of the teachers, the energy and cleanliness of the studio, the lighting, and the fact that every single person is super friendly no matter what level you are on.
    Jaclyn P.
  • This place is my home away from home.
    Jennifer R.
  • I love the environment of the studio, its simplicity and peace. I appreciate that I can trust the quality of the teachers... There's just an energy I feel when I walk in and when I practice. I have to say, I think re:form is the first place that makes me believe in good vibrations as a real thing, not just a nice idea! There is truly a *goodness* I feel at re:form. Given the sheer number of yoga studios throughout North County, I feel humble and grateful for have become a part of the re:form community.
    Samantha W.
  • The instructors and classes are amazingly taught. Awesome workout
    Abby H.
  • Lots of classes every day, convenient for my schedule.
    Nancy P.
  • Small studio. Family atmosphere. Super friendly and accommodating staff and instructors. Great classes.
    Sondra G.
  • I have always enjoyed the comfortable environment and the quality of the teachers.
    Nanci H,
  • Awesome atmosphere, great music, perfect lighting, and a killer workout. Will be back for SURE!
    Jojo K.
  • Love this place. Instructors were very welcoming to me as I am fairly new to yoga. Fellow practitioners were at all ability levels so it was a warm, inviting place to begin and feel at home. Leaving each session made me feel worked out as well as at ease. Such a great way to spend an hour!
    Katie C.
  • I took my first ever yoga class here tonight. The whole experience was awesome! I was greeted at the front desk, the studio is so peaceful, and the instructor was amazing! I was new but everything was able to be done at your own level. It felt great. I'll definitely continue going :)
    Heather R.
  • I took Restorative Flow with Chelsea tonight and it was so relaxing.  I also feel centered.  I'm very much a yoga noob but she was very inviting and warm.  I've done mindfulness practice at work, but this is on another level.  I will definitely be back for more.  On a side note, for those that lift weights, you may not notice how stiff you've become over the years.  This class was a subtle reminder.  Always working yang means one needs to restore yin for balance.
    Lance Y.
  • Great place and awesome instructors! Very knowledgeable and everyone is super friendly. I need more yoga and to quiet my mind. Perfect place! And reasonable prices compared to some studios.
    Stephanie R.
  • Nice and friendly associates; Great yoga instructors; Inviting; Comfortable and relaxing environment.
    David A.
  • re:form is a very well run studio. It's always impeccably clean, and classes start and end on time. The energy of the teachers and students is that of gratitude and compassion.
    Miriam C.