If you are new to our studio or have been out of practice for a while, you've come to the right place. The wonderful thing about re:form's class schedule is that classes are open to all levels.

Keep scrolling to see our suggestions for you, whether you are interested in YOGA or FITNESS or both.

Private YOGA Training

Originally, YOGA was taught by one teacher directly to one student. The great ancient teachers understood the importance of individualizing each yoga experience to meet the needs of the student. Private YOGA is an invaluable tool for students of all levels + experience. Private lessons provide you the perfect setting to address your goals + work on areas of individual interest.

You can work with the teacher of your choice or we can match a teacher to meet your expressed needs. Private YOGA helps you deepen your practice, gain confidence, answer questions + provide unparalleled guidance to get the most out of your practice.

It is tailored to you.

Personal FITNESS Training

Your 1-on-1 personal training program is designed specifically for you, based on your individual profile (age, exercise history, fitness level, medical history, etc.) + your fitness goals. Whether your goals are sport specific, weight loss, increased functionality + balance, increased strength or a more sculpted figure, our certified personal trainers design a comprehensive program that will help you reach your fitness goals. You will be educated on proper technique, appropriate intensity levels + positive nutritional habits to help you stay fit for life.

Get ready for not only a new body, but a new life.

With your training package you receive a complimentary fitness assessment where we take measurements, work together to set goals + put together a plan to help you reach those goals.