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At re:form our commitment is to provide a personal + intimate environment that encourages a healthy lifestyle and yields results. We believe that the best quality of life includes balance. Our goal is to help you find more balance in order to look + feel your best. We have spent the past 11 years of business listening to our clients + following the latest research to design programs that address your unique goals. We are confident that our team of experts will give you what you have been searching for, through specialized yoga and fitness classes, personal training and nutritional counseling. You are our purpose.

Be re:formed : you are worth it!

**We are beyond excited to bring our two re:form studio families together under one roof with expanded amenities, exciting new programs, and finally ... childcare! Please stay tuned for an updated Grand Opening date!

WHY re:form?

Classes open to all levels : our intention is to maintain a space where students feel comfortable + safe growing and advancing in their practice & reaching their fitness goals. We understand that practicing YOGA + FITNESS is as varied + distinct as each one of our students.
High-quality instructors : we take pride in our teachers ability to understand + distinguish the slight differences of each student's body; as a result, creating a safe, fun + challenging space.
  • I like the personal care that the instructors give, the close family-like atmosphere, and the motivation I feel every time I am there.
    Mary H.
  • Smaller class atmosphere lends to a very one on one feel with the instructor. Classes are very challenging! I feel like I am working a new muscle every time I come. I love re:form!
    Stacy B.
  • Professional and knowledgeable instructors, limited class size and "Zen" environment at studio.
    Lizzie F.
  • Comfortable surroundings and great instructors. I always walk away feeling very fulfilled and happy with the class - and a great stretch and workout!
    Peggy T.
  • Amazing teachers, great facility, dedicated community, outstanding schedule and variety of classes and workshops... Truly a gem!
    Eugene S.
  • I like that it is a very family feeling studio and they make accommodations for their clients.
    Sondra G.
  • Instructors are very helpful. I love the stress free atmosphere and always feel better when I leave than when I arrived.
    Brenda G.
  • Excellent yoga instructors, very nice front desk staff, easy to schedule via the website/app. Overall, great!
    Carlyn C.
  • The instructors are wonderful and inspiring, both physically and spiritually. The facilities are clean, hip, and unobtrusive to the practice.
    Sherry C.
  • Administratively, I like the ease of class registration and the efficiency of the front desk staff. Everyone is welcoming and friendly. Instructionally, re:form has attracted an exceptional team of instructors.
    Jan J.
  • I enjoy the variety of both teachers and styles of teaching. I really appreciate that an instructor knows when someone has an injury that requires a different level of pose in class, calling out that variation so that you can keep up with class. re:form is always striving to improve, I appreciate that, and is always ready to hear both compliments and recommendations. Thanks for being so responsive to your client's needs.
    Lynne A.
  • Warm and friendly environment as soon as you walk in the door... Teachers are supportive and approachable and seem to truly care.
    Kathleen D.
  • I love the passion of the teachers, the energy and cleanliness of the studio, the lighting, and the fact that every single person is super friendly no matter what level you are on.
    Jaclyn P.
  • I love the environment of the studio, its simplicity and peace. I appreciate that I can trust the quality of the teachers... There's just an energy I feel when I walk in and when I practice. I have to say, I think re:form is the first place that makes me believe in good vibrations as a real thing, not just a nice idea! There is truly a *goodness* I feel at re:form. Given the sheer number of yoga studios throughout North County, I feel humble and grateful for have become a part of the re:form community.
    Samantha W.
  • Small boutique style, personal recognition, kind and considerate instructors.
    Hale R.
  • All of the love, acceptance, and no judgment.
    Jan B.
  • Personal attention, cleanliness, great instructors.
    Patty T.



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